Family and Child Education (FACE)

Family and Child Education

Home Based

Families with Children who are prenatal to 5 years old receive a visit in their home every week or two. Home-based educators respect parents and other caregivers, and help them to be the first and most important teachers for their children. Each visit includes: age-specific information about parenting issues, family well-being, child development, and an educational activity between the parent and the child that is often adapted to emphasize the local culture and language.

Home-based parents are invited to a group meeting at least once a month. They hear speakers on topics related to family well-being, development-centered parenting, parent-child interaction, make books and toys for their children that often include the local culture and language, participate in parent-child activities, get to know the school-based FACE staff, and learn to feel good about being a part of the school.

Center Based

The educational program for the 3 to 5 year old children focuses on literacy development, particularly pre-reading skills, like letter identification, the sound and letter connections, vocabulary development and learning to love books, stories and language. Children also learn to work together, make wise choices, solve problems, follow directions, and many other skills that will help them to be good students. The native culture and language are essential components of the learning environment, teaching practices and curriculum.

While the children are receiving their educational services, the parents are busy working toward their own learning goals in several areas: education, employment, and personal and family life. Parents often want more knowledge of their culture and language so they can share this knowledge with their children. They also want to learn how to use computers for their careers or to obtain a job, so technology skills are a major focus in the classroom. 

Amiee Mestaz
FACE Adult Instructor

Elizabeth Williams
FACE Preschool Teacher

My name is Elizabeth Williams. I am so excited to be part of the Gila Crossing Community School FACE Program!

I was born in Minnesota and lived in both Ohio and Idaho as I was growing up. I moved to Arizona about 20 years ago and I love it here! I am the second oldest of eight children. I have three brothers and four sisters. I also have five children and seven grandchildren. My youngest boys still live at home with me, they are 15 and 18 years old. I also have a dog, Noel and a cat, Scout. I love my family with all my heart.

I have always worked with children. As I raised my children, I provided childcare in my home. I had my first two grandchildren when my youngest son was only three, so I was able to stay home with my grandchildren too. I attended the University of Phoenix as I worked from my home, and I earned my Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education. I have been teaching preschool for five years and I find it very rewarding. I am committed to making a difference in the lives of my students.

Erica FrancoFACE 

Preschool Co-Teacher

Lacy GuerraFACE

Parent Educator

Leroy PooleyFACE 

Parent Educator