Greetings from the Counselors!

This year, our counselors are Ms. Carol Taxter, Elementary School Counselor, and , Middle School Counselor. We offer a variety of programs such as Speak Up Be Safe for elementary students and Life Skills and Signs of Suicide screenings for grade five through eight. We also work closely with the Junior Achievement program and offer classroom programs for kindergarten through fourth grade and JABiztown for fifth and sixth graders. The seventh and eighth graders will experience an informational Career Fair the second semester with the goal of educating them about a wide variety of careers.

We are dedicated to assisting your child with counseling services, either provided at school or linking parents up with Behavioral Health here at Komatke. Please call us with any concerns and we can decide together on the best choices to support your child.


We R Native


This is a comprehensive health resource for Native youth, by Native youth, providing content and stories about topics that matter most to them. We strive to promote holistic health and positive growth in our local communities and nation at large.


Gila River Behavioral Health


The mission of Gila River Behavioral Health is to improve the quality of life of all individuals and families of the Gila River Indian Community by ensuring a continuum of quality, culturally sensitive behavioral health services. If there is a crisis you can call the Crisis Line at 1-800-259-3449, 24 hours a day. For immediate help:

  • Thoughts of suicide

  • Thoughts of harming someone

  • Fear, anxiety, and uncertainty

  • Personal distress

  • Feeling depressed, sad, or hopeless

  • Family violence, physical or sexual abuse

  • Drug or alcohol problems

  • Concerns about a friend or loved one


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This is the official website for all things pertaining to the Gila River Indian Community and its members.