8th Grade Promotion

May 26, 2021

Gila Crossing Eagles,

It was truly gratifying to celebrate our 8th graders this evening, in a way that was again both unprecedented and inspiring. The community has helped support one another through the past year-plus, and tonight was the culmination of that support for the Gila Crossing Community School Class of 2021.

This evening would not have been possible without the contributions of so many, but we would like to take the opportunity to recognize several in particular. The Board of Trustees have consistently supported the efforts of faculty and staff on behalf of our students, and did so again this evening. Tribal Education and the Boys and Girls Club contributed gifts to our 8th graders, and have been consistent partners this year. Governor Lewis had words of encouragement from the podium, and we are so appreciative of his support, as well as the support of Lt. Governor Antone and the Council Members of District 6 and 7.

We would also like to thank the staff who worked so tirelessly to plan and present this evening’s event. While it was not without challenges, the smiles, along with some happy tears, on the faces of the 8th graders and their families, made all the effort more than worthwhile.

Many of the teachers and support staff were also in attendance to cheer and support, lining the path of the students and families, the same way they have done so since Day 1 here at Gila Crossing. They are truly the engine that makes the learning happen.

We also want to thank the families and friends who were not only there tonight, but have been throughout the educational journey. In many ways, this milestone is also your milestone, as it does truly take a village, or in this case a community, to help our students reach their potential.

Finally, to the 8th graders, we trust that this is not an ending, but instead a first step of a new journey. We hope that this journey takes you in 4 years to an even larger stage, and from there, yet another new beginning. While you will each take separate paths, you will always be Eagles, and wherever you go from here, remember to...as always, 

“Believe You Can”!

                                                  The Gila Crossing Leadership Team, Faculty and Staff