Thank you

503 Days

12,072 Hours

724,320 Minutes

43,559,200 Seconds

That is how long it has been since students and families set foot on the campus of Gila Crossing Community School, but tonight changed that. 


We were excited to share what we have planned, and by number of people attending, YOU were determined to see what was in store for your students beginning Monday.

Planning this opening has been both challenging, rewarding, and often both in a manner of minutes. We want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who pulled together to make the Open House a success, and that includes, of course, our families, who remained patient and steadfast as they waited to see everyone in the gym.

Seeing the faces of families and students, eyes beaming in anticipation of the upcoming first day, will carry us a long way towards our goal of student success. You could see that the students truly "Believe They Can", and are excited to have a chance to demonstrate that in person.

Please forgive us for some of the challenges we didn't fully anticipate, but thank you to everyone for adhering to the expectations in the Community that all of us are continuing to abide by. Everyone was masked, everyone was trying to honor space, and this is indicative of the spirit of Gila Crossing Community School, where we continue to be guided by the understanding that we all play a part in keeping one another safe.

Please watch this NewsFeed on the website and also the Facebook page for any further announcements related to Monday Morning's Opening Day.