Gila Crossing Families, 

Here is some helpful information for logging onto Clever today.  You may also click on the link for a Google Classroom Tutorial. Thank you. 

Logging onto to your CHROMEBOOK-

  1. Open Chromebook and it automatically turns on

  2. If the login screen comes on, simply add your user name and password (given on the post it at pick up)

  3. If the screen tells you that the computer is locked then 

  4. Go to bottom of screen on right

  5. Click on the wifi icon  

  6. Find your home wifi connection and choose

  7. Wait 1 minute for computer to connect and begin update

  8. Screen will flash when finished and then sign on screen will appear

  9. When login screen pops up, simply sign in using user name and password

  10. CLEVER screen will then appear

  11. Follow instructions below for logging into Clever. 

Logging into Clever: 

  1. Once you login to your Chromebook, you should see the Clever login as your homepage.  If not, type in the following link to access Clever.


2. Next, click on “Log in with Google”. 


3. Then you will need to click on your Google account which is your school email address. 

4. You should see the Clever Portal page.  Your Clever Portal page may look different depending on your teacher.  

5. To access your Google Classroom, you will click on the Google Classroom App. 

6.  A pop up message will appear.  Your username and password for Google Classroom should already be filled in.  Click on the “Save” button.  You will then be directed to Google Classroom.