Questions and Answers for Back to School

Q: Where can I take or send my official vaccination documentation?

A: You can bring it to the front office in person, where we will make a copy, or email a copy to Brittany.lujan@gccseagles.org or may.mercado@gccseagles.org To start February 22, the deadline for this is 2pm Friday.

Q: What is considered “official documentation” of full vaccination status?

A: Either 1) Signed vaccination card listing the student name and dates both doses were administered. OR; 2) Official document from health care provider listing the student name and dates both doses were administered.

Q: My student won’t be fully vaccinated until after the 22nd. Can they still start in-person once they are?

A: YES, we will welcome students to in-person learning, if that is the option chosen, on the day they are considered fully vaccinated.

Q: Are there any waivers to allow for a return to in-person learning, if I choose not to get my child vaccinated?

A: As of now, there are no waivers provided for in the Executive Order. Only students who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to attend in-person. All other students will continue in a virtual learning environment.

Q: If I don’t go to the Testing Event on the 17th, and go to another site to secure a test, what do I do with the results?

A: If you do not attend the Testing Event, please bring in or send those results no earlier than 5 days before starting to Brittany.lujan@gccseagles.org or may.mercado@gccseagles.org

Q: What COVID-19 tests are admissible as proof of a negative test?

A: Tests need to be PCR and lab-interpreted. Therefore, home tests and “rapid-tests” are not admissible for this purpose.

Q: When will school start for in-person and virtual students starting on the 22nd?

A: K-4 students will start at 7:30am. 5-8 students will start at 8:30am.

Q: When will buses run and meals be delivered?

A: Buses will run on the normal routes, with pickup times published by the end of the week. Meals will be delivered to virtual students beginning at 9am, and should all be out by 10:30am. Students attending in-person will be given breakfast and lunches in the classrooms.