School Meals

Gila Crossing Families,

We want to make you all aware of one change in meal deliveries that is beginning this week. 

On Mondays, you will find TWO breakfasts arrive with the meal deliveries. This second breakfast is actually for the Tuesday, so that students can start their virtual learning with a breakfast, without having to wait for that day's to be delivered later in the morning. Then Tuesday's delivered breakfast will be for Wednesday, Wednesday's delivery for Thursday, and finally, Thursday's delivered breakfast will be for Friday morning at the start of the day.

This means on Fridays, there will only be a delivery of lunch. Monday will re-start the rotation again. Mondays should be the only day that will now see a slightly later breakfast delivery.

As always, thank you for helping us adapt to our new hybrid learning process, and the opportunity to work with you to start each student's day off in a positive way.