Surveillance Testing

Gila Crossing Families,

In the Governor's Executive Order 13, Section 16, part (c), it states:

(c) the school provides surveillance testing in coordination with and upon recommendations from the Tribal Health Department and COVID-l9 Task Force

Gila Crossing will begin this surveillance testing on Friday, March 18. Students must have a negative test result in order to return to school on Monday, March 21.

The testing will take place ON CAMPUS during the school day.

On Monday, March 14, we will be sending home the COVID-19 Testing Consent Form. This consent is similar to the same as the one you signed for Gila River Health. This consent is critical so that they can test students for Covid19 and share the results with both Gila River Health and us here at GCCS so your student can continue in-person learning.

If your in-person student misses this surveillance testing on the 18th, you will need to secure a lab-analyzed test on your own and bring in negative results before the student is allowed to resume in-person learning.

Lastly, students who test in order to start the week of March 14th after Spring Break will still need to test on the 18th.

Thank you for working with us to meet this requirement of Executive Order 13.